Barbie is a mother and Connection Guide certified in yoga, meditation, Reiki and breathwork. She holds safe space for women and children through a process of self-healing based on connection to the breath and body, movement of stuck energy and emotions, and opening of the heart

Barbie built a strong connection with the healing arts through her own healing journey and spiritual expansion. Through the exploration of various healing modalities, Barbie experienced an unfolding and deep sense of surrender and trust in the flow of life. Her classes, workshops and sessions are designed to guide clients as they peel back layers of limiting beliefs, release and heal trauma, and explore their own inner wisdom. Her work supports the whole person on their journey to living more intentional and integrated lives. Barbie uses these same techniques to nurture self-awareness and empathy in children. Through play-based yoga and mindfulness she empowers kids to be creative, compassionate and courageous, and in touch with their minds, bodies and hearts.

Barbie’s work is grounded in the idea of creating more connection with ourselves and others. She is deeply passionate about helping women cultivate more consciousness and compassion as they navigate their lives as women and mothers. She is committed to creating inclusive conversations and experiences that foster radical awareness and change, and inspire and empower the healing and well-being of diverse communities. Barbie’s private practice is located in Montclair, NJ.

- instagram @barbiecasasus

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