Kati Walker was introduced to Yoga as a teenager and was immediately attracted to the physical aspects of the discipline. She then discovered the subtler qualities of her practice. Awakened to the stress management and healing benefits she gained, Kati started to study more forms of energy healing including meditation and vibrational healing.

Determined to balance the demands of career, family, and study, she continued to deepen her knowledge. She appreciates that healing can happen on many levels including the physical body, the mind, and spirit or energy level. Attention to all can weave a more complete therapy.

Kati has studied Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls with Master Teacher Suren Shrestha, whose family lineage has supported his depth of experience. For over ten years Kati has offered individual and group sound meditation sessions around the tri-state region.

Kati recently returned from Nepal where she was able to experience the culture and spiritual energies with her teacher.

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